Authentic North Indian

Experience superior flavors of traditional dishes that stimulate your taste buds.

Honest Ingredients

Indulge in food that’s made with ingredients taken from high trusted brands.

100% Desi Ghee

Activate your olfactory senses with the fragrant shudh desi ghee preparations.

Natural Whole Spices

Relish wholesome food prepared using slow cooking technique & aromatic spices.

Ghee & Turmeric

An experience that spices up your senses.

The moment you taste the food, A film of nostalgia reels in your head of the times when food was prepared in desi ghee & slow cooking. The distant sound of spices being crushed with pestle and mortar Do room ki doori se the aroma could tell you what was cooking.

Cooker ki siti was a sign to prepare your mind And before you knew it, you were relishing the authentic flavors prepared with the most honest ingredients.

Ghee and Turmeric brings back those memories drenched in the essence of desi traditions, seasoned with aromatic spices, and stirred with unconditional love.

We promise a flavorful ride in your mouth that will make you want to lick every last bit of food from your plate.

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Best Sellers

Our Menu

Dal Makhani

A classic prepared overnight with Black Lentils cooked in Desi Ghee, Butter and Cream.

Dal Fry

Soul satisfying, delicious dish made from unique combination of dals cooked in desi ghee.

Aloo Jeera Chatpate

Delightful concoction of crispy aloo and spices that prove to be every soul's comfort food.

Kadhai Chaap

Tempting marinated Soya Chaap in spicy tangy gravy which is slow cooked in Desi ghee.

Palak Paneer

A mild spiced dish that has luscious spinach and soft cottage cheese cooked in Desi Ghee.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Enticing flavors packed in chicken tikka submerged in creamy gravy.

Chicken Rara

Chicken tikka cooked in rich tomato and onion masala with desi ghee is the best dish for self indulgence.

Paneer Lababdar

Soft and succulent paneer dunked in creamy, mildly tangy and faintly sweet gravy.


A quintessential home dish that is made with love and whole spices.

Soya Tikka

Relish the grilled pickle flavored soya tikka, marinated with spices and ghee.

Malai Kofta

Irresistibly delicious koftas cooked in desi ghee in a luscious and creamy gravy.

Chicken Tikka

Enticing flavors packed in chicken tikka submerged in creamy gravy.